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Celtics Vs. Bulls: Boston Trails Chicago 52-33 At Halftime

The Boston Celtics went to the locker room at halftime trailing the Chicago Bulls by a score of 52-33 at halftime. The Celtics are looking to break a two-game losing streak while the Bulls are looking to win their fourth game in a row.

The Celtics were led by shooting guard Ray Allen, who scored 10 points, in the first half. The rest of the starters combined for 19 points as Rajon Rondo scored eight, Paul Pierce scored seven and Brandon Bass added four. Chris Wilcox added four points off the bench as well. The Bulls were led by Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng, who each scored 12 points in the first half. Ronnie Brewer scored 10, Derrick Rose scored eight and Joakim Noah added four to round out the starting lineup. Kyle Korver and Taj Gibson combined for six points off the bench as well.

The Celtics will need to do much better in the second half if they want to avoid extending their losing streak to three games.

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