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Celtics Vs. Bulls: Doc Rivers Tells Boston Fans Not To Panic

Needless to say, the Boston Celtics would have liked a different story to emerge from their first nine games. But Doc Rivers wants to urge fans not to panic amid the troublesome start. He believes the Celtics will regain their mojo.

"I'm just going to warn you, it's nine games," said Rivers. "Don't jump off the bridge yet. Okay? Because I can feel you jumping off."

"It's early guys," he added. "A coach is always worried about his team. That's my job -- concern, worry, that's what I should be. If we were 10-0, I'd be concerned that we're getting overconfident."

The Celtics have fallen to straight to fall to 4-5. They have yet to defeat a winning team, show much life on the offensive glass or hit a rhythm on either end of the court.

"This is where we are. We're going to have to continue to work at this thing and get it better," said Kevin Garnett. "It's not something that we're just going to hope and pray and wish and all the good things like that. It's something we're going to have to continue to work at. This is not easy. I know we made it look easy in the past. It's not easy by far."


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