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Celtics Looking Old, Danny Ainge Agrees

If you are of the belief that the Boston Celtics are looking old though nine games, you're not alone. Danny Ainge, the team's Pres. of Basketball Operations, told reporters that it's a fair assessment that his 4-5 team is looking old so far.

"I think that's a fair assessment right now," Ainge said when asked whether the team looks too old. "Nine games into the season, yeah, that would be a fair assessment, but I'm hoping that guys are better than they're playing and they have something left, but time will tell." (via WEEI)

Boston ranks 23rd in the NBA in points per game (91.9) and is very close to the basement in rebounding, averaging 37.3 boards per contest, which places them 29th in the league. However, the Celtics are sixth in assists (22.4) and seventh in points allowed (92.0).

Could all of the Celts' struggles be chalked up to the lockout effect or a somewhat tough schedule? Possibly -- fair arguments can be made on behalf of those points. However, if the C's don't turn it around soon, Ainge won't be afraid to mix things up and maybe even contemplate bringing the Big Four era to an end prematurely.

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