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Kings Shouldn't Trade DeMarcus Cousins

This has nothing to do with Boston sports, but humor me for a minute. DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings has reportedly asked -- OK, demanded -- to be traded and was sent home by Kings coach Paul Westphal on Sunday.

If the Kings do grant Cousins' trade request, it would be a huge mistake. For starters, Cousins is a young, talented big man with a very bright future ahead (at least, if he can keep his yapper shut). He's a valuable asset for a (constantly) rebuilding Kings team, and they likely wouldn't be able to truly replace him.

Secondly, and more importantly, trading Cousins would be a bad decision for the Kings and the NBA. Cousins thinks that he can demand a trade out of the blue because he's upset or he doesn't like how things are going. If he can, and it's looking like he could get his wish, that could have a damaging result on the league.

What, then, would be stopping other rookies or young players from doing the same thing? Sure, any player can refuse to play, but in doing so they are forfeiting time, money and their image. News flash, DeMarcus, that doesn't work.

It looks as if the Kings are in a lose-lose situation now. Keep Cousins, and he may completely shut down. Trade Cousins and, well, you just lost Cousins. Still, it would be nice to see the Kings take a stand and tell him off. Nope, you're staying.