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NBA 2K12 Roster Ratings Leaked; Rajon Rondo Leads Way For Boston Celtics

The player ratings for the popular basketball video game NBA 2K12, which is released on October 4, have been leaked on a YouTube video, and many ratings for the Boston Celtics' top players are shown on it.

For the Boston Celtics, star point guard Rajon Rondo is the team's top rated player, although it's tough to see in the video exactly what number he is given in the ratings (take a look for yourself here - about 28 seconds in). It's likely that Rondo's rating is in the low 90's, as Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has a 92 rating. Rondo isn't better than Rose, at least not by video game standards, so Rondo's rating could be anywhere in the range of 87 to 91.

Kevin Garnett is the Celtics next highest rated player at 83. Paul Pierce is rated 82 and Ray Allen comes in at an even 80 rating. Both Pierce and Allen are still top-notch three-point shooters in the game, with Allen possessing an 'A' for outside shooting and Pierce owning an 'A-'. Jeff Green has the next highest rating on the team at 74.

After that, it goes into the reserve ratings, with Glen Davis earning a 70 rating, Delonte West earning a 79 rating and Jermaine O'Neal being assessed a 68 rating. Troy Murphy has a rating of 66 and Nenda Krstic, who isn't even on the team anymore, is rated a lowly (but accurate) 54. It doesn't include any more ratings, as that's where the image of the video cuts off, but that gives us a pretty clear picture of all of the Celtics' ratings. 

LeBron James is once again the highest rated player in the game with a pristine 98 rating. Kobe Bryant, who was rated 97 along with James in NBA 2K11, had his rating slip to 94 as he enters his 16th season in the NBA.

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