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NBA Lockout 2011: Breaking Down The Lockout With Gilbert Arenas

Having trouble understanding the NBA Lockout? Don't worry, because Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas is here to help. The former All-Star took to Twitter to explain the lockout in everyday terms.

imma explain it in everyday terms..if i put a shoe on ebay..and i spent 100 dollars for it...and now people are biding on that shoe..and 2 people push the bid to 200 dollars but the shoe is only worth 100 dollars...dont get mad at the shoes get mad at the bidders. 

so if im a free agent and 28owners say im worth 50mil but 2 owners really want me and they start tryn to out bid each other and now im worth 85 mil becuz they pushed the value of me up..and now other free agents have a maker to go by so players who are better then me hav to get paid more then one bad contract sets the playing field for future free instead of attacking the free agent go after the real problem..the if sumone wants to give me 85 mil but im only worth 50..the 29 other owners should pull out there rolled up news papers and say "BAD DOG"lol and start hittn..but they dont so they wanna make it seem like were walkin in there and takin there check books and signing our own ppl cant control rich ppl so they attack the workers..if they come together and stop over spending on players then we wouldnt need a lockout..if i offered u guys 100 mil right now ..100 percent of u would say hell yea... and i know u would becuz i give out free shoes and 30 thousand ppl try to answer the question each lets stop lying to our selves..

at the end of the day..the owners that over pay will keep over paying becuz they can..and the other owner will suffer..its business. football has a hard why do the same teams stay good and the bad team stay bad..simple..the rich owners find a way around everything. everybody wants to defer the blame to the ppl that gets the check and not the ppl who write them...i could hav signed 127mil but i tryd to save the team money by signing 111...they spent that extra 16 on what...a better intro to the game...ummm okay

everyone has played monopoly at sum point.. the guy who usually makes the smarter decision with how he spends his money WINS..the rest trys to figure out where they missed up at...ummmm maybe if u stop buyin every item u land on ..u wont lose ur money befor u get to

so i hope yall understand a little not for or against the lockout..i just try to explain from a players view..but i do own things

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