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Former Celtic Brian Scalabrine 'Serious' About Playing In Europe

Brian Scalabrine has never been remiss to let people know how he really feels about a particular topic. It was no different when the Chicago Tribune asked him about his plans for work now that the NBA owners have locked out their players. 

"For me personally, if in the next 15 days it’s still kind of like it is now, I’m just going to Europe and play," Scalabrine said in a phone interview. "The thing about that is you have to commit for the whole year and you have no out clauses whatsoever. I support the players and the union and want to see the (NBA) game stay great. But at the end of the day, with two years or so left of playing basketball, I’m not interested in watching billionaires fight. I just like the game too much. I like the camaraderie. I like to play. So why not do it in a great city in Europe and educate my family?"

Scalabrine, the Boston fan favorite for his obvious Irish heritage (even though he's really Italian) and ability to come off the bench and put up a couple points in big and less-than-big spots, spent the past year with Chicago after five seasons in Celtic Green. 

He was drafted by New Jersey with the 34th pick in 2001.