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NBA Lockout: Kevin Garnett Might Sit Out Season If There's A Lockout

Kevin Garnett is a passionate person and player, so it's no surprise that the latest comments from him are on the dramatic side. Garnett, who was present an NBA labor meeting last week, said that he would consider sitting out the entire season, and by extension would forfeit an $18.8 million salary if there is a lockout.

Kevin Garnett delivered an inspired sermon in the NBA players union meeting a week ago, declaring his willingness to sit out the season and forfeit $18.8 million in salary. (via Yahoo! Sports)

Garnett is one of the biggest pieces in NBAPA director Billy Hunter's corner, along with teammate Paul PierceAccording to Yahoo! Sports, Garnett and Pierce would lose $32.7 million in the event of a lockout.

Garnett is entering the final year of his contract, while Pierce is in the second year of a four-year deal.

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