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Should Boston Celtics Consider Trading Rajon Rondo For Hornets' Chris Paul?

Rajon Rondo certainly hasn't been immune from trade talk, despite being the most talented player on the Boston Celtics' roster.

One of the rumors surrounding Rondo is a potential trade with the New Orleans Hornets that would send Rondo to the Big Easy in exchange for superstar point guard Chris Paul.

But should the Celtics really consider such a trade? Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog examined the idea, and noted that, if the C's were to add a player to the deal, it could get done.

If New Orleans wants a young, super-talented point guard who (unlike Paul) is locked up long term on a deal that is actually quite a bargain, their best option would be to trade for Rajon Rondo.  To make salaries work the Celtics would actually have to add a player to the trade - perhaps a signed and traded Jeff Green(via CelticsBlog)

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