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Gilbert Brown Comes To Town, Meets With Boston Celtics

Gilbert Brown, an undrafted guard from the University of Pittsburgh, came to town to meet with the Boston Celtics coaching staff. Brown was a "flip of a coin" away from being drafted by Boston at No. 55 overall.

"I'm definitely encouraged that the Celtics were interested," Brown told the Post-Gazette. "I was talking to them all day. They said it was the flip of a coin [between Moore and Brown] when it came time to make the pick." (via WEEI)

Brown averaged 11.3 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists as a fifth-year senior at Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Brown can not sign a contract with the Celtics until labor negotiations are complete. He intends to play in Germany if there is a lockout, but is seriously considering joining the Celtics once the new CBA is worked out.

"Of all the teams I worked out for, Danny was the most excited to have me in. He really feels like I can make their team and contribute the first year. He was really confident in my ability. He felt like I stood out in my workout."

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