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NBA Draft 2011: Is JaJuan Johnson A Replacement For Kendrick Perkins?

When the Boston Celtics acquired JaJuan Johnson in a draft-day deal in the first round, there wasn't any rejoicing in the streets of Boston. Many didn't think that Johnson would really help the C's immediately in their quest for Banner 18.

However, according to one team scout, Johnson could be exactly what the Celtics need, and is similar to a former C's big man that helped them win a championship.

"The Celtics did a great job," the scout said. "This guy should have gone before. Danny did a really good job when he identified this kid. He can play. People up there might think I'm crazy, but JaJuan Johnson is a great replacement for Kendrick Perkins." (via Boston Herald)

Johnson, a forward/center from Purdue, averaged 20.5 points and 8.6 rebounds last season for the Boilermakers. In addition, Johnson averaged 2.3 blocks per game and shot 49.4 percent from the field last year.

"He has real skills," he said. "You're going to love his mid-post game. He knows how to get the ball in good position, and he can turn over both shoulders. And he runs like a deer. We tested him, and he's an unbelievable athlete. He has a 39-inch vertical leap and he was beating guards up and down the floor. (Rajon) Rondo and Delonte West are going to love playing with this kid."

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