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Celtics Interested In Former Pitt Forward Gilbert Brown

The Celtics had a full wish list at the end of Thursday's NBA draft, but could only draft once. According to a report from, Celtics president Danny Ainge has contacted Gilbert Brown, a forward from Pittsburgh who went undrafted.

The Celtics, of course, can't sign anyone until the NBA labor dispute is resolved, so it may well be a while before Brown is seen in green, but he's happy to know that such a quality franchise is interested.

"Of all the teams I worked out for, Danny was the most excited to have me in. He really feels like I can make their team and contribute the first year. He was really confident in my ability. He felt like I stood out in my workout."

Assuming the lockout does cost the NBA part of its season, Brown plans to play in Germany until things settle back in on this side of the pond.