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2011 NBA Draft: BC's Reggie Jackson May Be Draft's Biggest Sleeper

Reggie Jackson has had an interesting journey through the NBA Draft process, but still could emerge as one of the draft's biggest sleeper picks. Jackson has been very cautious throughout the process, cancelling workouts and meetings left and right in order to keep a recover from surgery, or to simply keep a mysterious aura around him.

Jackson, who averaged 18.2 points, 4.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds for the Boston College Eagles last season, has all the makings of a very good player and may only need the right situation to reach his potential, according to Andrew Sharp of SB Nation.

Reggie Jackson, The Biggest Sleeper In The Draft. Granted, I went to Boston College and watched Reggie up close for his entire college career, so maybe I'm biased. But in the mid-20s, if you can get a guard who can defend, score off the bench, and hang with anyone in the NBA athletically, you're in pretty great shape.

It's not to say Reggie will be a superstar one day, but he's got all the tools to be a totally solid third guard on a contender. He can defend, he can score, and he can learn the point guard position from a proven starter. Or think of it this way: If guys like Aaron Brooks and Jrue Holiday can blossom into solid NBA players, what's stopping Reggie from making the same exact leap? All the tools are there, he's not a head case, and if he goes to a contender in the 20s, he'll be learning from some proven veterans. It just makes too much sense for a team like the Celtics at 25. (via SB Nation)

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