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NBA Draft 2011: Will Boston Celtics Make A Draft Day Trade?

Boston sports fans have become used to the notion of trading away draft picks on draft day (thank you, Bill Belichick), and with the 2011 NBA Draft a little more than one day away, it's only fair to ask if the Celtics will make a deal Thursday.

The Celtics own the No. 25 overall pick (first round) and the No. 55 overall pick (second round) in the draft.

Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston and a panel of four other Celtics writers (Peter May, Brian Robb, Brendan Jackson, and intern Greg Payne) debated the thought, and here's a sampling of what they had to say.

4) True of false: The Celtics will make a draft-night trade.

Forsberg: True. The value in this draft seems to be early second round, where you might get lucky on a JaJuan Johnson or a Jimmy Butler. If Boston had its druthers, I think it would rather have two picks in the 30s or 40s than a No. 25 and 55. Making that a reality is easier said than done, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see the Celtics operate very Belichickian in this year's draft. (via ESPN Boston)

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