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NBA Draft 2011: Boston Celtics' Top Pick Unlikely To Have Major Impact

Danny Ainge tells it like it is, at least when it comes to the NBA Draft. The Celtics' general manager knows that, in all reality, it's unlikely that the player the team draft's with the No. 25 overall pick in the Friday's draft will have an impact on a team like Boston. Still, Ainge intends to find that diamond in the rough.

"But the reality is, at 25, for that player to have a major impact in the NBA, it's not a high percentage. It's roughly 10 percent. But we always feel going into the draft that we have to do well. We have to do better than what the odds say and we have to find somebody that can contribute to our team.'' (via Boston Globe)

Avery Bradley was the C's top picks last season at No. 19 overall. He didn't have much time to acclimate himself in Boston, spending most of the season with the Maine Red Claws of the NBA D-League.

In 31 games with the Celtics, Bradley averaged 1.7 points, 0.5 rebounds and 0.4 assists.

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