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Celtics Vs. Heat, Game 4: Will Rajon Rondo Play?

It's become the question of the day: will Rajon Rondo play in Monday night's Game 4 against the Miami Heat? For now, he's still just a game-time decision. 

The Boston Celtics' point guard suffered a dislocated elbow in the third quarter of Game 3, but returned to action after a brief trip to the locker room 

Doc Rivers was optimistic on Sunday learning after Rondo's MRI and CAT scan came back negative, saying, "Right now, we're going to go with, ‘They're all playing.'" More good news for Celtics fans: Rondo participated in Monday morning's shootaround, which is typically a good sign he'll try to give it a go in Game 4. 

Fellow point guard Carlos Arroyo said that he thinks Rondo is ready. "He's a warrior," Arroyo said. "He demonstrated that last game. We were all surprised in the fact that he came back after that injury. I know he's ready. He wants to play. He wants to win."

Delonte West and Shaquille O'Neal were also practicing in the shootaround.