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Danny Ainge On Doc Rivers: He's 'The Best Coach In The League'

Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics have agreed on a five-year deal (that Yahoo! Sports say is reportedly worth $35 million) that will keep Rivers on the Celtics' sideline through the 2017 season.

Not only is the move a great one for Rivers, but also for the Celtics, according to general manager Danny Ainge.

"We wanted him for five years and he wanted to stay for five years," Ainge said. "I think Doc is the best coach in the league, so I think it's great for us."

Ainge also believes that Rivers is one of the league's savviest coaches when it comes to dealing with pressure.

"He's a great leader in the face of adversity," Ainge said. "There's nobody I'd rather have on my side more than Doc."

Rivers has served as the Celtics' head coach for seven season, compiling a 336-238 record in the regular season and a 46-34 record in the postseason.

"He knows the circumstances of our team as well as anyone, the players, the ages the contracts, he gets it all," Ainge said. "He wants to be part of this franchise and he wants to be working with us. We have a great relationship with owners, management and coaching that I think is unique."