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LeBron James Apologizes For 'The Decision' After Game 5

Immediately after finishing off the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Wednesday night, Miami Heat guard LeBron James took to the podium to discuss the game, and also 'The Decision.'

James, who used an hour-long special on ESPN over the summer to announce that he was dumping his former team -- the Cleveland Cavaliers, told reporters that he was sorry for the ugly way his tenure in Cleveland ended.

"I went through a lot with deciding to be here and the way it panned out with all my friends and family and the fans back home. I apologize for the way it happened, but I knew that this opportunity was once in a lifetime to be able to come out here and to pair with two guys and to pair with this organization," James said. "In order for me to move on in my career, I though that team that we just defeated, I had to go through them at some point." (via SB Nation Cleveland)

James averaged 28 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.6 assists in the five-game playoff series against the Celtics. In the 2010 regular season, his first in Miami, James averaged 26.7 points, 7.5 rebounds and 7 assists.