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VIDEO: Tony Allen Returns To Boston, Proclaims 'I'm A Celtic'

During the offseason, Tony Allen, then a free agent, signed a three-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, worth $9.5 million (the Celtics reportedly offered him two years for $5.2 million). Up until that point, Allen had spent his entire NBA career (six season) with the Celtics, but he said he felt "overshadowed" in Boston, and so he opted to take his talents elsewhere (it was a move that admittedly surprised Doc Rivers).

Wednesday night, the defensive stopper made his return to the TD Garden for the first time. It's safe to say that Celtics fans were happy to see him:

After the game, Allen returned the love, saying, "I'm a Celtic, but unfortunately, I wear a Grizzlies jersey right now."

Allen said of the warm welcome he received during the introductions, "It was a nice reaction. I liked it."

Following his first game in Boston wearing any other color than Celtics' green - the Grizzlies only appearance at the Garden this season - Allen exchanged kind words with former teammate Kevin Garnett after the final whistle.

"He said, "Good luck the rest of the way. I miss you,'" said Allen. "He showed me love. It was an emotional day, but I'm happy with the win."