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Corey Brewer Remains Unsigned With Celtics, Mavs And Spurs Reportedly Pursuing

Tuesday came and went, and Corey Brewer was still without a new home. Though it's not that he doesn't have options. According to ESPN's Marc Stein (via CelticsBlog), there are five teams pursuing the services of Brewer, led by the Celtics, Mavericks and Spurs (the Hornets and Bobcats are also interested).

Michael Jordan's Charlotte, it appears, has replaced Cavs as the upstart trying to crash bidding, with Brewer still weighing his options

And one last reminder: Anyone bought out by 11:59 PM Tuesday night has until final day of regular season to actually choose his next team

While plenty of Celtics fans likely think Boston gives Brewer the best chance at winning a title, he may find himself lured for Dallas for another reason: money. According to Stein, the Mavericks still have their full mid-level exception remaining, which, at "just under $4 million as of Wednesday because the figure is reduced daily from its original $5.8 million at this juncture of the season," easily dwarfs any offer that either the Celtics or Spurs could make.  

It's not the easiest decision for Brewer. Just ask him

Thanks for all the support everyone I have some amazing options right now. I'm in tampa working out right now so ill be ready.