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Marquis Daniels Injured During Second Quarter Of Magic - Celtics Game

Marquis Daniels was taken off the court on a stretcher and left the TD Garden in an ambulance after colliding with Magic guard Gilbert Arenas during Sunday’s Celtics game.

While attempting to drive to the basket, Daniels’ head connected with Arenas’ torso, and bounced back and to the left. While the contact didn’t seem particularly hard or at all unusual for a typical NBA game, Daniels immediately crumpled to the court face-down.

Action stopped as medical personnel attended to Daniels for over five minutes. Daniels was conscious, but did not seem to move much while being transferred to the stretcher, except to give a thumbs up to home crowd as he was taken off the court.

The Celtics have said that Daniels is being taken to a local hospital to evaluate an injury to his neck.