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Recapping Boston's 101-97 Loss To Dallas With A Poem (Courtesy SB Nation Boston Member MyCelts)

Celtics fans are among the most passionate fans in the NBA. And as SB Nation member mycelts shows us, they are also some of the most creative. Check out this fantastic poem written by mycelts following last night's 101-97 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Take it away, mycelts.

Big "D" little "a" double "l" "a" "s"
From beginning to end this game was a mess.
I guess our defense hurt us the most,
Did we ever come back from the other coast.

(Read the rest after the jump)

There were moments of greatness, notably KG and
Then Pierce, Allen, Rondo went to work.
Hard for visitors but the Mavs knocked down threes,
Jason Kidd at the end won the game-geez.

Ray played well, 9 for 18 for 24,
You can see how confident he feels on the floor,
But the Cs were just off, Rondo was slow,
In the last two minutes is when that did show.

KG got in trouble, the ref he did touch, But only when the ref tried to subdue him too much.
First Frye in Phoenix, then tonight, we'll see,
Hope it's not time for a lesson with suspension for

Now a last word about the O'Neals-JO and Shaq,
Not sure when either guy will be back,
JO had knee surgery, 6 to 8 weeks
And Shaq has yet another of his hip tweaks.

On to the Magic, the Lakers, the Heat,
Three great games, get a front row seat!
These poems always end the same way,
Ray is now just 6 away.