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Leon Powe Waived By Cavaliers, Interested In Return To Celtics

The Cleveland Cavaliers have waived forward Leon Powe, opening up the possibility that the former Boston Celtic could return to his old team, if they'll have him.

When asked by Jessica Camerato about whether or not he was interested in wearing green once again, Powe had only positive things to say:

"I'll be happy wherever I end up, but Boston is always holding a special place in my heart," Powe told on Thursday evening. "The fans were so good to me, everybody up there was so nice, and it would be a great thing to return back to the Celtics if I could."

Powe was certainly a fan favorite in Boston, but would he fit the Celtics' needs? At 6'8", Leon doesn't exactly have the usual form for a big, but he certainly was capable of playing like one in Boston. A strong defender, Powe's ability to fight for rebounds against bigger competition would be of significant use to the Celtics.

The problem, however, lies in his knees--which were the reason the Celtics let him go in the first place. He has only played in 34 games since leaving the Celtics after the '08-'09 season, and isn't even two months removed from his last surgery. It's sad to say, but Powe just doesn't make much sense for a team already riddled with injuries.