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Celtics' Rajon Rondo Deserving Of A Nickname: 'The Razor'

Nicknames are a big part of sports, especially basketball. LeBron James is known as "King James." Kobe Bryant is the "Black Mamba." Dwight Howard is "Superman."

Boston isn't suffering from a lack of nicknames, either. Paul Pierce is "The Truth," Kevin Garnett is "The Big Ticket," Glen Davis is "Big Baby," and so on.

But now, it's time to bestow Celtics superstar point guard Rajon Rondo with his own unique nickname following his stellar 19-point, 15-assist performance on his 25th birthday in Boston's 115-93 win over Golden State on Tuesday night.

There are so many good options for Rondo's nickname, but I'm going to make my case for "The Razor." First of all, it just sounds awesome, doesn't it? Rajon "The Razor" Rondo.

Secondly, it represents Rondo's game almost perfectly. Rondo's passes are razor-sharp, as are his moves driving to the basket. The scary thing is, Rondo is only 25. Just imagine how much sharper his razor-like game can get as his career progresses.

While the topic of what Rondo's nickname should be can be debated, one thing can't, and that's the face that he absolutely deserves one. A nickname signifies a player's significance to the league and sport, and the way Rondo has played in his five years in a Celtics uniform, he might be deserving of 100 nicknames.