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NBA Trade Rumors: Rasual Butler, Richard Hamilton On Celtics' Radar

Add two more players to the list of possible backup wings for the Boston Celtics, as Yahoo’s Marc Spears has named Rasual Butler and Richard Hamilton as two possible targets for the Celtics.

Of the two, Butler seems to be the more likely acquisition, but also the less impactful one. Reduced to a bench role on the Clippers, Butler has been limited to just five points a game and is having the worst shooting year of his career. Still, if the Celtics are looking more for a warm body to hold Marquis Daniels’ spot, then Butler can fill the role, and would likely come fairly cheap.

Rip Hamilton, on the other hand, is not your average backup. Though he’s on the outs with the Pistons, when he was playing he was still able to put up some sizable numbers. His 13.3 points and 25 minutes a game are both career lows, but would be huge coming off the Celtics’ bench. Hamilton would also provide a consistent three point threat to a unit that could really use one, whether it be in place of or in addition to Nate Robinson.

The problem with Hamilton comes in his contract. With over $20 million owed to him over the next two years, the Celtics can’t really afford him. However, with Spears quoting an executive saying that anyone who could provide contract relief would seek a large return, the Pistons may be more willing to just eat a lot of that money in a buyout situation. If that were to happen, then the Celtics would stand a very good shot at adding the three time All-Star.