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Ray Allen: Three-Point Record 'Was All About These Fans In Boston'

Ray Allen has never been known to be overly emotional on the basketball court. But for two brief moments on Thursday night, and two historic three pointers, that all changed. Allen, who broke the NBA career record for three-pointers made in Thursday night's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at TD Garden, looked like a kid playing his first ever basketball game. 

When shooting and making the record-tying three with 4:15 left in the first quarter, Allen was wide-eyed with anticipation and exuberant. On the record-breaking three with 1:45 left in the opening quarter, Allen was even more blissful, pumping his fist and jumping around with excitement.

At the end of the quarter, Allen embraced Reggie Miller, who held the three-point record entering Thursday night's game, as well as his teammates and family members, all while receiving a standing ovation from the loving crowd at TD Garden. 

"Once the timeout came, I just knew I had to go over there and say thank you again to Reggie," he said. "My mom was standing there, she was in tears, so I wanted to make sure I thanked my family for being there for me. You don't do anything in any sport or job, without the backbone of your family. They're making sure I have the confidence to walk out of the house, so I can come here and do this job every night, making sure I eat right, that the kids are taken care of. Without them, I can't be who I am."

In a postgame interview, via Jessica Camerato at CSNNEAllen shared that it wouldn't have been the same had he tied or broken the record on Monday night in Charlotte.

"It was all about these fans in Boston, it was all about the fans in Boston," he said. "I think about anything I've ever done in my career, the stage here is set, and everybody was ready. Going back a game or so ago in Charlotte, the stage wasn't there, and I knew people wanted to see me do it. If I did it, I did it, but the stage here was set. When I ran out on the floor, and saw all the signs, and all the people. 

The moment was surreal for Allen, who at one point admitted that he was a little embarrassed that it was such a big moment. Prior to the game, Allen was even unsure about what he should do when the moment arrived.

"The last thing I told Reggie when we met in the back over there [before the game],'' Allen said. "I told him, ‘What do I do?' I never expected anything like this situation. Do I sit there and look stupid or stand up? I don't know. He said, ‘I don't know, either. Do whatever you have to do because it is your moment.' And, I said, ‘It is your moment, as well.' ''

Looking back, Allen handled the moment perfectly. He certainly gave his family, his fans, and even himself, a moment that will forever be remembered in Celtics history. Congratulations, Ray, you've earned it.