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Would Celtics' Loss Slow Talks Of Carmelo Anthony To The Lakers?

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Boston is already credited with forcing one NBA superstar out of his natural habitat (see James, LeBron), and they could be on the brink of forcing another one into the arms of the enemy.

If they Celtics aren't careful, they could wind up forcing the Lakers to make a move to trade for Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, forming the NBA's newest superstar trio of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Anthony.

While the Celtics weren't the number one factor in James' decision to "take his talents to South Beach," some believe that if James and company had beaten Boston and went on to win the NBA title, James would still be the favorite son of Akron, instead of Akron's most wanted villain.

Now, with the Celtics slated to face a struggling Lakers team on Thursday night that has opened up talks with the Nuggets for Anthony, it might not be a bad idea for Boston to let this game slide.

After all, what's one game, right? The Celtics proved last season that the only games that matter start in April. Plus, we've already defeated the Lakers on their home court and exacted a small amount of revenge for the 2010 NBA Finals loss.

If Boston does lose Thursday night, it could very well keep Anthony from landing in Hollywood, which would be a good thing for Celtics fans everywhere. If the Lakers get back on track tonight with a win, it could have give the Lakers' brass a new sense of confidence, one that would make them feel comfortable with keeping center Andrew Bynum, who is the center piece in a potential Anthony deal.

When push comes to shove, the NBA really doesn't need another Big Three, and we certainly don't need another superstar going to the hated Lakers, do we?