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Chris Paul Trade Rumors Update: Celtics Offer Rajon Rondo To Warriors And Hornets

Thanks, but no thanks.

That was the response from the Golden State Warriors, who reportedly rejected an offer from the Boston Celtics that would send Rajon Rondo to Oakland in exchange for fellow point guard Stephen Curry.

Tim Kawakami reports:

NBA source: Celtics contacted Warriors about Rondo-for-Curry & were turned down. Presumably, Boston wanted to flip Curry to NO for Paul.

According to the report, Boston would have been nothing but a layover for Curry, who the Celtics would have attempted to barter to the New Orleans Hornets for point guard Chris Paul.

With that deal dead in the water, Boston is now packaging Rondo and forward Jeff Green along with two future first-round draft picks in its latest offer to the Hornets. They clearly want Paul, who has already gone on record to say the feeling is far from mutual.

However, without a no-trade clause in his contract, he may not have much choice.


The report indicates that Paul will not be on the hook for more than next season, giving him the opportunity to leave if he so chooses. However, the Celtics hope Paul could possibly entice Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to the team following next season, according to the report.

Boston is still up against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Warriors in their quest for Paul.

Stay tuned.

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