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Celtics' Kevin Garnett Buys Share In Italian Soccer Club (A La LeBron James)

What do Kevin Garnett and LeBron James have in common? Well, now they both own a share in an oversees soccer club. Garnett will reportedly become a shareholder in the soccer club Roma of the Serie A league in Italy according to the Associated Press.

Garnett, who has played with the Boston Celtics for the last four seasons and won an NBA title with the team in 2007-08, was offered a share in the team by James Pallotta, who is a minority share holder in the Celtics and bought the Italiani soccer club back in August. Interestingly enough, Thomas DiBenedetto -- a limited partner at Fenway Sports Group -- is also an owner of Roma. Fenway Sports Group is, of course, the ownership group of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool.

Is owning a share in an international soccer team the new trend among NBA superstars? At the moment, no, but one can only wonder if James' and Garnett's purchases will create a new trend of basketball stars investing in soccer teams.

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