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Mickael Pietrus To Miss At Least Two Games Before Joining Celtics

Mickael Pietrus is still at least two games away from playing with the Boston Celtics, according to team President Danny Ainge. That means the point guard will miss the rest of the team's road trip, including Tuesday's big game against the Miami Heat.

Despite being signed this past Saturday, Pietrus has yet to undergo a physical, and as Jeff Clark of Celticsblog points out, the Jeff Green situation has made it all too clear how important that step can be in finalizing a contract. Of particular focus is Pietrus' knee, which he had surgery on in July.

Once Pietrus has checked out physically, he'll need time to get in rhythm with the team during practice. Still, with Paul Pierce remaining day-to-day, the Celtics will be anxious to get their newest acquisition up to game speed. Sasha Pavlovic did not exactly acquit himself against the Knicks, and Marquis Daniels can only do so much.

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