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Celtics Trade Rumors 2011: Rajon Rondo Wearing Out His Welcome?

Rajon Rondo may have worn out his welcome with the Boston Celtics. At least, that's what former C's player and current Comcast SportsNet New England team analyst Donny Marshall said in an interview on NBC's SportsTalk on Friday.

"My sources tell me he's started to wear his welcome out a little bit," said Marshall, who went on to say that general manager Danny Ainge isn't afraid to try and trade anyone on the team.

Rondo's name popped up on the rumor mill once again this week, as news broke that Ainge was attempting to trade Rondo for New Orleans Hornets superstar guard Chris Paul. However, the Hornets reportedly weren't willing to do a straight up swap of Paul-for-Rondo, leading Ainge to seek out a third party for extra trade chips for New Orleans.

Paul dissolved the rumors, however, saying he only wanted to be traded to the New York Knicks. Regardless, Paul does not have a no-trade clause in his current contract, which expires after the season, and could still be traded anywhere.

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