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Doc Rivers To Jeff Green: 'You're Going To Be OK'

Despite winning their preseason opener over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, this past weekend for the Boston Celtics wasn't exactly a good one. On Saturday, the team announced that forward Jeff Green has an aortic aneurysm in his body and would require season-ending heart surgery to remove it.

While the fact that Green will miss the entire season is very discouraging news for some Celtics fans, it comes as almost as a relief to many, including team head coach Doc Rivers. With all that has transpired, Rivers actually believes that the news of Green's diagnosis is a blessing more than it is a blow to the team.

"The fact that he can actually come back and play, to me, is the minor part. I could care less about that," said the Celtics' head coach. "The fact that he can live, to me, is far more important." (via CSN New England)

Rivers also delivered an optimistic message to the Celtics forward.

"That's what I basically conveyed to him," said Rivers. "Don't look at this as a negative. This is an extreme positive. You're going to be OK." (via CSN New England)

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