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Kevin Garnett Taunting (In Preseason)

Kevin Garnett is a fiery guy. As Celtics fans, we've known this for quite some time. He's the heart and soul of the C's defense, and the entire team for that matter. He brings the intensity and energy, regardless of circumstance. For example, here's KG taunting Toronto Raptors forward/center Andrea Bargnani. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, no, but it was in a preseason game. Watch.

Love the fire, KG. Absolutely love it.

It's certainly a good thing that Garnett - who finished with nine points and seven rebounds in the Celtics' 76-75 win over the Raptors in their preseason opener - is getting up for games. Maybe tone it down a bit, though, KG? Getting pumped for things is great, but it also drains energy, and KG certainly doesn't have as much energy as he did at one point. For the regular season games, sure -- bring everything you have. Now, though, maybe tone it down a little bit? We need you out there when the games count for real!

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