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Jeff Green Meeting With More Doctors, Mysterious Medical Issue Should Be Revealed Soon

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green, whose physical examination revealed a mysterious red flag that the team has not yet revealed, will meet with more doctors on Friday and the team expects to make a more detailed announcement on Green's ailment later in the day.

Danny Ainge will travel to the doctors appointments with Green. Doc Rivers declined to say where exactly Ainge and Green will go, but said the team expects to figure out whether Green will be ready for the start of the regular season.

"They're either going to say he can or can't; one of the two, that's the way I look at it," Rivers said. "If he can't [play immediately], that would make things more difficult, there's no doubt. That's why we have Sasha [Pavlovic] and Marquis [Daniels] in here, who can play the three (small forward)."

A report by the Boston Herald earlier Friday said that Green is expected to be okay long-term, but is undergoing more tests to determine whether he will need a procedure to treat his mysterious ailment. 

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