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Celtics Training Camp 2011: C's Wrap Up Longest Day Of Practice

WALTHAM - Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics held their longest training camp practice yet at Healthpoint on Wednesday afternoon, with practice officially starting at noon EDT and wrapping up around 4 p.m. The team wasn't practicing for the entire period, though, as the C's took a break after the initial two-hour block for water, stretching and to watch some film.

Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce did not participate in practice, with Pierce (right heel), Rondo (right ankle sprain) and Green (unknown) all continuing to heal from their injuries. Green hasn't practiced yet, with his physical holding him up.

Boston currently has 17 players on its training camp roster. Rivers and JaJuan Johnson were the only coaches/players who stuck around to talk to the media huddle, and their interviews can be heard below.

AUDIO: Doc Rivers - Celtics Training Camp (Dec. 14)

AUDIO: JaJuan Johnson - Celtics Training Camp (Dec. 14)

Below are some short videos I was able to shoot of Ray Allen, JaJuan Johnson, Gilbert Brown and more all practicing at Celtics training camp on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Boston Celtics Training Camp (12-14-11)

VIDEO: Ray Allen - Celtics Training Camp (12-14-11)

VIDEO: JaJuan Johnson - Celtics Training Camp (12-14-11)

VIDEO: Gilbert Brown - Celtics Training Camp (12-14-11)

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