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Celtics Media Day 2011: Jeff Green Not Concerned By Undisclosed Medical Issue

One day after sitting out practice amid medical concerns stemming from a physical examination, Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green said he was unconcerned that doctors had found something troublesome in his physical.

"I'm all good," Green said during the Celtics media day on Tuesday. "People are spreading rumors, trying to assume that I'm some kind of way, but I'm fine."

Green said there was nothing to the rumors being started that he might have heart issues, but claimed to have no real knowledge what red flags had been raised during his physical.

"I have no idea. I went to the doctor and I guess they saw something, but it's nothing serious," he said.

Green added, "I didn't ask [what it was]. I was more concerned with trying to get to practice. When they said that I had to wait, I mean I'm a patient guy, and we have a long short season. So I'm not gonna rush. I've been here, I've been still doing some things and still trying to keep up. I just haven't been able to scrimmage with the team."     

Green said he didn't know whether he would be able to practice on Tuesday, but said he was just waiting on an okay from team doctors.

Listen to Green's entire interview.

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