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NBA Lockout 2011: Players Reportedly Settle Antitrust Lawsuit

NBA players and owners have reached a tentative agreement to end the league's lockout, but a few more obstacles must be crossed before the lockout officially ends.

The latest step came Tuesday night, reports Zach Lowe, when the players came to an agreement to settle their antitrust lawsuits against the NBA. The players still must reform the union, which was dissolved when the players association filed a disclaimer of interest, in order to hold a vote that would ratify the new collective bargaining agreement. Players have already received cards to reform the union.

A vote is expected to take place sometime next week, after which training camps and free agency would theoretically open on Dec. 9. The antitrust lawsuit settlement is not very exciting, but it's a step that needed to be taken before the process of ending the NBA lockout can be completed.

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