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NBA Lockout 2011: Negotiations Reportedly To Continue Saturday

The NBA Players Association and representatives of the owners are scheduled to meet Saturday to continue NBA lockout negotiations, a league source told's Henry Abbott.

The lockout continued into its 126th day on Thursday, and the league has already cancelled a month's worth of games. After negotiations fell apart again Friday, David Stern cancelled all games through the end of November and said rearranging the schedule to complete an 82-game schedule is no longer possible. 

Sources told ESPN's Ric Bucher that Saturday's meeting could be the last chance for progress to be made before Stern cancels another batch of games. The two sides have made real progress on certain issues, including luxury tax, salary cap structure and the mid-level exception, but have been unable to agree on the split of Basketball Related Income (BRI) - the league has offered the players 50% of BRI, but the players want at least 52%.

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