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NBA 2K12 Legends Pack Offers More Celtics Greats

NBA2K12 is the best NBA game on the market (that doesn't feature Big Head mode, natch). Now with the introduction of the NBA Legends Pack, the game just got even cooler.

The legends system is one of the best parts of the 2K series, which embraces the past and allows you to play as all-time greats, not just the current NBA rosters. But now Celtics fans have more than just Larry Bird at their finger tips. Check out the new Celtics available for download after the jump.

2KSports announced released a new list of Legends available for download. Get ready to smile Celtics fans.

Dave Cowens (1973)
• Reggie Lewis (1993)
Dee Brown (1995)
• Bob Cousy (1957)

Bob Cousy!?!?!? Oh heck yes.

This is not just a video game, guys. This is a history lesson. Buy this game for your children and force them to play it. Tell your parents that this game is required to pass your high school PE class. Then head to the living room, fire up the game system and cover your eyes Dee Brown-style while playing one-handed. It'll be fine. Promise.

Hit the comments to tell us which two-man Celtics legends team would be most dominant (or most fun to play with). I'm taking Dee Brown and Bill Russell. Championship!