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NBA Lockout Over: Owners, Players Reach Tentative CBA Agreement

At long last, the NBA Lockout may be over. David Stern and Billy Hunter announced that the owners and players of the National Basketball Association have reached a tentative agreement on a Collective Bargaining Agreement, pending official approval of the players and litigators.

The announcement was made at 3:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday morning after more than 15 hours of negotiations between the players and owners. Under the new agreement, the NBA schedule would begin on Christmas Day with a triple header.

Stern had said there would not be a full season under any circumstances, and also said that this season - which has already been eaten into by the lockout - will have 66 games played per team. Players have reportedly agreed to accept a 49-51 split of basketball related income, but specifics of the deal have not been released. 

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