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NBA Lockout 2011: Derek Fisher Rejoins Labor Talks, Deal Possible

The President of the Player's Association – Lakers guard Derek Fisher – will be in New York Friday to rejoin talks of possible deal to end the NBA Lockout. Games have already been canceled into December and anti-trust lawsuits have been filed, but a shortened season is still in the realm of possibility. If a deal is reached this weekend a 66-game season would being on Christmas Day. Marc Stein of ESPN has the scoop:

NBA commissioner David Stern has said on numerous occasions that the league needs a month after the sides shake hands to put a new labor deal in writing and allow for a compressed training camp and free-agency period before the regular season begins.

Some players still question whether resumed negotiations are really a last-ditch effort to save the season, or a ploy by NBA Commissioner David Stern, to gain leverage in the anti-trust lawsuit.  

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