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NBA Lockout 2011: Negotiations Reportedly Resume

Representatives for NBA owners and players have resumed talks to save the NBA's slate of Christmas games, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday.

The negotiations reportedly began on Tuesday and continued Wednesday. One league source told Wojnarowski more would be known about the negotiations later on Wednesday.

Wojnarowski noted on Twitter that Derek Fisher, president of the players association that dissolved after filing a disclaimer of interest, is not participating in the discussions. Gabriel Feldman, a sports law professor at the University of Tulane, told the Orlando Sentinel that it could be ruled an unfair labor practice if Fisher continues to be involved in negotiations on behalf of the players after the dissolving of the union. Because he is technically part of the NBA players' legal representation, Billy Hunter can still remain involved in the discussions.

The NBA lockout continues in its fifth month. The players, led by lawyer David Boies, have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA.

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