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NBA Lockout 2011: Derek Fisher Issues Statement On Fox Sports Stories

Derek Fisher is in denial. Whether it's for good reason or not, that remains to be seen. Fisher is vehemently denying that he is working with NBA commissioner David Stern on the side for his own personal gain as the NBA Lockout is in its 124th day, issuing a statement on Tuesday night to refute the stories published by Fox Sports.

"The statements made in recent articles on the Fox Sports website are inexcusable. Among the many baseless accusations, to allege that I am working with the league for my personal gain is unequivocally false. The implication that I am doing anything but working in the best interests of the players is disgusting, defamatory and a flat out lie. I have issued a letter through my attorneys demanding a retraction for the libelous and defamatory stories the site and reporter have continued to publish.

Regardless of the media reports, the Players Association, our staff, Executive Director and Executive Committee are unified and working side by side to serve our players.

There should be no more distractions. We must continue to negotiate a fair deal for our players."

Fisher, the head of the player's union, has been working with his fellow players to try and reach a deal for a new CBA that would save the 2011-12 NBA season. The season was originally supposed to begin on Tuesday, with the Boston Celtics scheduled to begin play on Wednesday night, but the league cancelled games through the end of the month.

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