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Allen Iverson Likely To Join Celtics?

Allen Iverson is interested in a return to the NBA, that is, when the current work stoppage is resolved. While the former NBA MVP and Rookie of the Year is interested in offers from all teams, he is especially interested in joining the Boston Celtics, according to his agent, Gary Moore.

"I have already spoken to Allen about that and many other opportunities," Moore told The Boston Globe, "and of course he would be interested in anywhere in the NBA but Boston is particularly attractive to him, because of Danny Ainge, the organization, and one of the most respected coaches he knows in the business in Doc Rivers."

Iverson broke into the league in the 1996-97 season with the Philadelphia 76ers and emerged as a star right from the start. Iverson won the MVP in 2000-01 and led the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001 against the Los Angeles Lakers. In 914 career games, Iverson scored 24,368 points and had 5,624 assists and 1,983 steals.

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