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Doc Rivers On Terry Francona: 'Like Losing A Brother'

Following their historic collapse, the Boston Red Sox made a huge statement last Thursday when they decided not to pick up manager Terry Francona's team option, letting him walk free. While Red Sox fans have mixed feelings about Francona being let go, Francona's fellow Boston coaches have expressed their greatest regards for Francona.

In addition to Bill Belichick, who praised Francona last Friday, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has also come out to give his praise to Francona. Rivers acknowledges how close the Boston coaches are, and considers Francona one of his own.

"It's sad for me," Rivers said. "For me, it's like losing a brother. All the coaches around here, we have a pretty good relationship. We talk and we share. To lose that, is really sad." (via CSN New England)

The coaches have clearly had an effect on the success of the Boston-based teams over the past few years. Between Francona, Belichick, Rivers, and Bruins head coach Claude Julien; Boston has obtained seven championships since the year 2000. 

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