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NBA Lockout 2011: Some Progress Made During Wednesday's Talks

David Stern and the NBA owners met with the players for more than 12 hours on Wednesday, and while some progress was made, there wasn't enough progress for the two sides to reach a new labor deal immediately.

NBA owners and players were engaged in another marathon session Wednesday, meeting for more than 12 hours in talks aimed at ending the lockout. The two sides got back to the table with a small group meeting less than a week after three intense days of mediation didn't produce a new labor deal. (via ESPN)

Wednesday's meeting was the first since negotiations broke off last Thursday following the owners' proposal of a 50-50 revenue split, which was not satisfactory to the players. Stern was present at the Wednesday meeting after missing the THursday meeting due to the flu. It's not known when the two sides will meet again.

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