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NBA Lockout Exhibition Tour: Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo Among Stars Expected To Participate, According To Report

A number of the NBA's best players are in the process of finalizing a two-week exhibition tour across three continents, and Boston Celtics stars Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are expected to participate, according to an ESPN report.

Kevin Garnett is reportedly contemplating whether to join the tour, as well.

The final details are still being worked out, but the exhibition tour would reportedly begin Oct. 30 and end Nov. 9, taking place during the two weeks which were supposed to hold the first NBA regular season games . The tour would consist of six games in Puerto Rico, London, Macau, and Australia, all organized by Atlanta business mogul Calvin Darden.

Rondo, Pierce, Kobe BryantLeBron JamesDwyane WadeDerrick RoseCarmelo AnthonyChris PaulAmare StoudemireChris BoshBlake GriffinRussell WestbrookCarlos Boozer, and Kevin Love are all expected to participate. Garnett and Kevin Durant could also join the tour.

Wade, Bosh, Griffin, Rondo and Pierce have reportedly signed contracts already, and the rest of the arrangements, including insurance requirements, could be completed over the next few days.

The players would be paid for the tour, with salaries expected to range from six figures to $1 million. Some of the tour's proceeds would go to charity.

If the tour does take place, it would be the biggest lockout event ever played by NBA players. But talks have not been finalized and there is a chance the whole trip could fall apart.

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