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LeBron James Joining The Patriots? Unlikely, But Let's Think About It

With the NBA Lockout taking a bite out of the first two weeks of the 2011-12 NBA schedule, and most likely a lot more than that, players are left with a lot of time on their hands and will either need to go overseas to keep playing, or in some cases, change their sport.

Enter LeBron James (you know that means trouble). James sent a message on Twitter to John Clayton of ESPN asking when the deadline was for teams to sign free agents was, prompting discussion that King James might be interested in playing some football during the lockout.

Now, is it likely that anything will really pan out from this? Nope, not at all. However, the mere mention of LeBron wanting to play football got me thinking about one scenario in particular: King James and the Hoodie, Bill Belichick, fighting side by side. There are many (daunting) possibilities.

First, it could be a complete and total disaster (the most likely outcome). King James has an ego similar to that of Randy Moss and Chad Ochocinco, and we all know how those moves have turned out. Bill Belichick doesn't have much use for egos, so there's a problem right from the start. 

Then, there's the issue of where LeBron would play. We all know that James isn't going to sit back and play defense - he'd want to be the center of attention, and that comes on offense. LeBron would likely be a wide receiver or even tailback, which I for one would pay some good money to see. The Patriots do have some openings at both position, too.

Plus, LeBron is already associated with Boston, as he is part of the ownership group with Red Sox owner John Henry that owns Liverpool FC, so there's a level of familiarity there already.

In all likelihood, this won't wind up happening, but it's fun to think about (or not, depending on how the scenario played out in your daydream). But in today's day and age, we just don't know.