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Kevin Garnett Injury Diagnosed As Strained Calf, Could Force Him To Miss Two Weeks

Danny Ainge appeared on WEEI Thursday afternoon and confirmed that Kevin Garnett is suffering from a muscle strain in his right calf. The MRI results came back negative but Garnett "may be out for a couple of weeks."

Garnett suffered the injury late in the first quarter of Wednesday night's loss to Detroit as he went up for a successful dunk. 

Here are the full comments from Ainge (via CelticsBlog): 

"Kevin had an MRI and a thorough examination today and it's the same as last night. It's just a muscle - I say just - but it's a muscle injury, a strained calf...It's actually the muscle (on the) softer side of the legs below the knee, and it's not anything to do with his knee, which is great news. It's one of those injuries that he may be out for a couple of weeks at the most I would say...I'll just say two weeks and that's on a very conservative side."

If he does miss the full two weeks, until Jan. 13, it means the Celtics would be without Garnett for eight games, including games against the Hornets, Spurs and at the Bulls.