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Kevin Garnett Injury: Celtics Await Thursday's MRI Results

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While the Boston Celtics (and their fans) await word of Kevin Garnett's scheduled MRI on Thursday, initial indications remain optimistic concerning the big man's right calf injury. Head coach Doc Rivers is maintaing his "wait and see" approach, but admits he thinks "we're in good shape here." The results of the MRI are expected to be known Thursday afternoon.

One thing seems certain though -- Garnett will "miss some games" (Rivers said that was likely). But before Celtics fans overreact, CelticsBlog reminds that we've been here before with Garnett. 

A couple of years back when we lost Garnett (even though we didn't know we had lost him for the year yet) the rest of the team stepped up and played very well down the stretch. Don't forget we were up 3 games to 2 on the Magic that year. In addition, the team essentially took last winter off before rallying together for a run to the finals.

If the Celtics can weather this latest storm maybe they can get some guys healthy again. Rondo is close, West could be next, and Perkins is itching to get back on the court - who knows, maybe Jermaine O'Neal will make an appearance too ...what's that you say, he's playing already? Missed that. Anyway, whenever Garnett comes back, he'll hopefully have enough support to ease back into the rotation (well, KG doesn't do anything half speed, but you know what I mean).

Garnett has not played a full season since 2004-05, with Minnesota. He has not appeared in more than 71 games with the Celtics, and played in just 126 games the past two seasons combined.